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Michigan Marriage License Questions

Of course couples understand the importance of needing a Marriage License for their wedding, but, they find the list of requirements and process itself over-the-top-confusing!

If you’re feeling the same, this is your lucky day!

After being asked so many questions about the Michigan Marriage License having a frequently asked questions page might shed some light on this very important piece of your wedding day. I’m hoping you find it helpful on your journey to I Do!

Q1 - Who applies for the marriage license? 

          The couple getting married (not their Officiant) will need to apply for their license.

Q2 - Where do we apply for our Marriage License?

If either (or both) of you are a Michigan resident, you’ll apply through the county in which you live. If you’re both Michigan residents living in separate counties, you may apply in either Michigan county and will be able to marry in any Michigan county with your license.

If you are not a Michigan Resident but want to marry here in Michigan, you’ll apply for your marriage license in the county where your  venue is located.

NOTE: If down the road you need to make a change in venue after applying for your license, you’ll need to reapply unless your new venue is located within the same county.

Application requirements such as how to apply (online vs in-person) and required fees vary by county, so please check with your county clerk to confirm how and what is required to apply.

Q3 - How soon can we apply for our marriage license?

Your marriage license is only valid when signed 33 days from the date in which you apply, meaning your wedding date must fall within that window of time (note the expiration date on the license.) This of course is something to keep in mind for those looking to quickly elope.

If for some reason you have to change your wedding date after applying for your license and the new date falls outside of that window, you’ll need to reapply for a new license.

Q4 - How old does our witnesses have to be?

          Your two witnesses must be over 18 years old and present during the ceremony. 

Q5 - Can we do our ceremony virtually?

Michigan does not allow virtual ceremonies.  It is Michigan Law that all persons getting married must be present along with their two witnesses and Officiant.

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